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D. SWEENY VS J. FARIA Casa de apuestas

D. SWEENY VS J. FARIA Casa de apuestas

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Nicole Sullivan…. Ligia Bahia. Ray Strode en Halloween. D. SWEENY VS J. FARIA Casa de apuestas Suthers….

D. SWEENY VS J. FARIA Casa de apuestas
D. SWEENY VS J. FARIA Casa de apuestas
D. SWEENY VS J. FARIA Casa de apuestas
D. SWEENY VS J. FARIA Casa de apuestas
D. SWEENY VS J. FARIA Casa de apuestas

English painter, draughtsman, printmaker, stage designer and photographer. An important contributor to the Pop art movement of the s, he is considered one of the most influential British artists of the 20th century. He maintains two residences in California, where he lived on and off for over 30 years: one in Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles, and an office and archives on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood. While there, Hockney said he felt at home and took pride in his work. He was associated with the movement, but his early works display expressionist elements, similar to some works by Francis Bacon.

He had refused to write an essay required for the final examination, saying he should be assessed solely on his artworks. Recognising his talent and growing reputation, the RCA changed its regulations and awarded the diploma. A visit to California, where he subsequently lived for many years, inspired him to make a series of paintings of swimming pools in the comparatively new acrylic medium rendered in a highly realistic style using vibrant colours.

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The artist moved to Los Angeles in , returned to London in , and from to lived in Paris. He moved to Los Angeles in , at first renting the canyon house he lived in and later bought the property and expanded it to include his studio.

Hockney is openly gay, and unlike Andy Warhol, whom he befriended, he openly explored the nature of gay love in his portraiture. Already in , he painted two men together in the painting Domestic Scene, Los Angeles, one showering while the other washes his back. On the morning of 18 March , Hockney's year-old assistant, Dominic Elliott, died as a result of drugs, drinking acid and alcohol at Hockney's Bridlington studio.

D. SWEENY VS J. FARIA Casa de apuestas

Elliott was a first- and second-team player for Bridlington rugby club. It was reported that Hockney's partner drove Elliott to Scarborough General Hospital where he later died. Born with synaesthesia, he sees synesthetic colours in response to musical stimuli. This does not show up in his painting or photography artwork, but is a common underlying principle in his designs for stage sets for ballet and opera—where he bases background colours and lighting on the colours he sees while listening to the piece's music.

Hockney painted portraits at different periods in his career. From , and for the next few years he painted friends, lovers, and relatives just under lifesize and in pictures that depicted good likenesses of his subjects. Hockney's own presence is often implied, since the lines of perspective converge to suggest the artist's point of view. On arrival in California, Hockney changed from oil to acrylic paint, applying it as smooth flat and brilliant colour.

In , the print workshop Gemini G. Hockney responded by creating a ready-made art collection. In the early s, Hockney began to produce photo collages, which he called "joiners", first using Polaroid prints and subsequently 35mm, commercially processed colour prints. Using Polaroid snaps or photolab-prints of a single subject, Hockney arranged a patchwork to make a composite image.

D. SWEENY VS J. FARIA Casa de apuestas

An early photomontage was of his mother. Because the photographs are taken from different perspectives and at slightly different times, the result is work that has an affinity with Cubism, one of Hockney's major aims—discussing the way human vision works.

Creation of the "joiners" occurred accidentally. He noticed in the late sixties that photographers were using cameras with wide-angle lenses. He did not like these photographs because they looked somewhat distorted. While working on a painting of a living room and terrace in Los Angeles, he took Polaroid shots of the living room and glued them together, not intending for them to be a composition on their own. On looking at the final composition, he realized it created a narrative, as if the viewer moved through the room.

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